An app for everything

 Applications that enable the management of all services and their internal planning as well as the most efficient allocation of resources dedicated to them, with the aim of improving the organization of orders, service, and customer support.




 Organize, schedule, plan, and analyze .
With this software, you get an overview of projects , keep track of deadlines , and create reports and analyses .


Project planning
Plan ahead for future projects and estimate timelines by keeping related projects in mind.
Streamlining processes
Divide projects into smaller tasks to improve team cooperation, and create customized steps for each project to simplify the workflow.

Evaluations and sharing
Add quick notes or attach files, communicate in real-time through chat, or use a shared notepad.

Graphic visualization
Create graphs that allow you to analyze data through filters and grouping functions.


Manage activities and manpower , keeping projects under control and managing employee schedules directly from the Odoo back-end.


 Progress tracking 
View the team's progress on individual projects, track hours, and forecast activities.
 Project maximization 
You will have an overview of chargeable time and keep track of resources allocated to various projects.

Automatic recording of vacations
With Odoo, vacation plans are recorded automatically within the attendance module.

 Automated task management 
Benefit from the automatic compilation of the time allocated to a specific task pertaining to the job assigned to the employee.


The management software allows you to assist your clients anywhere, anytime .


With Field Service's intuitive design, you can view your products in just a few clicks.
The timekeeping feature tracks business hours, and allows you to add products for sale and customer details which are filled automatically.

No need to print, mail, or scan. You can ask your clients to sign worksheets directly from the App.

Assign and schedule tasks and reorganize any assignment by simply moving them into the Gantt view.


The tool allows you to get an overview of your team's workload and check the status of a ticket according to customized SLA rules.


Incoming e-mails automatically create new tickets. Each request can be filtered through a form placed on the website. With live chat, you can engage users directly.
You will be able to automate emails or actions at different stages of ticket resolution, invite experts into a live discussion, and use default templates in live chats for immediate responses.

Sell support contracts to provide 
this service directly to customers.

Offer your customers the option of closing their tickets, so you can reduce errors and save your helpdesk teams more time.


Odoo Planning is the tool that helps you plan projects and manage your resource load simultaneously .


Gantt view
The advanced Gantt view will give you a clear view to change assignments or shifts in one click.

Employees will be able to view their schedules on their personal portal and have a clear overview of their shifts.


A self-service online reservation system that is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day .


Appointment selection
Offer clients the option to schedule appointments directly on your calendar or include links to meetings on your website, in your e-mail, or on social media.
Calendar management
Set your own working hours and synchronize your schedule with Google Calendar to block availability.

Automatic reminders
Send automatic reminders by e-mail or text message and offer clients the option of adding the appointment to their calendar.

Appointment form 
Configure the appointment form according to your business needs and collect information about your customers in advance.

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