An app for everything

An app system that will allow you to deploy your marketing strategies via social channels, e-mail, text messages, and events.   




  Manage your social channels, push notifications, and live chats with ease .


 Social media  
Plan, monitor, and analyze your social channels to easily connect with customers and increase lead generation.
Push notifications  Send short, direct messages to capture users' attention and share content they are really interest in.

Live chat  
Turn website visitors into potential customers with live chats that will allow you to interact with users in real-time.

Social campaigns 
The application acts as a single control center to monitor, plan, publish, track, and analyze the various content and content channels within a single dashboard.


A tool that allows you to create e-marketing campaigns from scratch,
where you can take advantage of preset templates or leave room for creativity.


Share campaigns with targeted email groups in your database. Sort by country, date, or function.
Mobile friendly
The content created will automatically adapt to the user's screen whether accessed by smartphone, tablet, or pc.
Track read confirmations, possible errors, and the number of clicks to improve your marketing strategy.

Advanced Features
With Odoo Link Tracker you get a complete overview of the performance of your campaigns, and with Odoo CRM you can analyze the conversion rate.


 Create your SMS campaign with Odoo to engage your contacts and reach your target audience faster.


You do not need to be online to send SMS campaigns. You can prepare the campaign, schedule it, and let Odoo take care of the rest.
You will be able to purchase credit directly from the app. For example, sending a text message to the United States will cost you only 0.0108 credit.
Link tracker
Link trackers are integrated by default to monitor click-through rates and quantify the revenue generated by the campaign.

Segment the audience
Choose your audience by selecting them based on various criteria: previous orders, orders left in the middle, subscriber lists, event attendees, manually selected contacts, etc.


A platform that can handle events of all types and scales .
Odoo Events covers all aspects of an event planner's work , from event organization and ticket sales to visibility and promotion.


Speaker management
Visitors can propose lectures or speakers directly from your event pages by submitting a simple form.
Registration and ticket sales
Manage participant registration and online ticket sales, defining special conditions such as discounts, perks, and member benefits.

You can easily manage new or existing sponsors and advertise them according to the level of sponsorship they acquire.

Leverage social and e-mail marketing to reach the right target audience and promote your event.


The tool enables you to create automated marketing campaigns targeted to your prospects
to deliver the right message to the right person in a timely manner.


Customized flows
You will be able to create a multi-stage campaign with custom paths, add new actions, and select timelines.
Intuitive interface
Create eye-catching e-mails with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop functionality.

End-to-end experience
Automate tasks such as re-evaluating a business opportunity, assigning prospects to your sales teams, updating data, and more.

Contact management
Obtain contacts, evaluate them based on demographic and behavioral criteria, and categorize them based on goals and interests.


Design, share, and analyze online surveys .
Manage statistics, measure response rates, and extract analytics in just a few clicks.


Use creativity to get eye-catching and transparent surveys.
Share surveys with your contacts and collect data.

Obtain and consult response data and view it in a graph updated in real-time.

Live sessions
Create live surveys in which you manage the timing of the session and provide participants with the results in real-time.

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