Odoo: your all-in-one financial ally! With its powerful features, you can manage accounting, finances, purchase orders, and sales efficiently and smoothly.

Harness the power of Odoo to improve your organization's efficiency and achieve the financial success you deserve! 

Why choose ODOO?

Odoo is an ERP system that offers comprehensive functionality for the economic and financial management of a company. It includes modules for accounting, financial management, purchase orders, sales, and financial report generation.

Integrated accounting
You no longer have to worry about scattered data or missing information. With Odoo, your accounting aligns seamlessly with sales, purchasing, inventory, and human resources. The integration gives you a complete and consistent view of your business, simplifying financial tracking and improving overall efficiency.

Analytical and statutory accounting
Analytical accounting allows you to analyze costs and revenues related to specific projects or departments, while statutory accounting helps you maintain compliance with accounting and tax standards. Odoo offers you a comprehensive solution that allows you to monitor detailed financial performance and ensure regulatory compliance.

Easily integrated with all systems
Finance management with Odoo is easily integrated and extensible. Instead of managing and entering everything by hand, Odoo supports data import facilitating the creation of reports in real time. It also offers tax localization for most countries.

Italian accounting
Comprises all taxes required for compliance with government laws, Intrastat and EC Sales list. Also includes VAT clearance and DDT.

Dedicated for your business 


Applications that facilitate the effective maintenance of business accounting records even in multi-company settings..

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